NS8, Info when backup is ready


how can I determine in NS8 when a backup is finished?

I have tried journalctl _UID=$(id -u loki1) and can also find the message “Finished Sicherung nach Backup 2 SMB.”. However, the backup is not really finished yet, the affected files are still being copied. How can I determine if a backup is completely finished?

Apr 24 06:00:15 nethserver8 systemd[1914]: Finished Sicherung nach Backup 2 SMB.

Thank you

I couldn’t reproduce the issue.
When the backup to SMB is finished the restic/rclone processes are not running anymore and the files are on the share.
How did you check that files are still copied?

@mrmarkuz The backup starts every day at 06:00 and at 06:00:15 I already see the message “Finished Sicherung nach Backup 2 SMB.” in the log.
When I look at the connection in the SMB share, I can see that connections are active and files are still being copied.
I also find this strange, but it happens every day.

Did you also query the end of the backup via the command?

journalctl _UID=$(id -u loki1)

I tried the same thing with a local USB hard disk, the result is the same, the message appears, but you can see that the hard disk is still being written to for a while.

I want to generate a message to check when the backup was really finished, so I asked for an alternative method.

The backup is successfully completed despite the early message, so I’m happy with that at the moment.

I think there are more important problems to solve at the moment than my backup message.

If there is no other option, then I would leave it at that for now, I don’t want to waste your valuable resources unnecessarily.

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