Ns8-imapsync: task status shows as running after it has completed

ns8-imapsync v1.0.1

Manually running a task and waiting on the same page, its status changes to Running (as expected) but once the task has ended the status stills shows it as running, unless the page is refreshed.

Again, no biggie! We can live with it, fix or no fix.

shut up @dnutan, that’s what the refresh button is for! :wink:


So the status page need to be manually refreshed for having update? Hummm

Yep not a bug but a feature. The task is long and will run during a long time.

Could be useful provide a timestamp and a text
task status page generated at (hour:minute:second) (date)
click refresh to update the page

both might been redundand, I understand. However…

Just for Dummies, if the task is not running it shows stopped? because i have the idea that the task stops generally

i am able to start the task manually and then everything works fine. but i want to check extern mail server every 5 min and nothing happens, i think it synchs one time and then it stopps, or do i something from?

When running it shows as “Running”.
When task is not running it shows as “Stopped”.
Other than on logs, no fail status is reported, as far as I know, but I could be wrong.

Mind the text can change according to language translation.

After a quick test it is working here.
Be aware the status is not refreshed automatically.
To follow progress you can go to “System Logs” and follow impasyncX log.