Ns8-dokuwiki: instance settings applied only the first time

Priority: low

Using default authplain authentication method (no authPDO).
After first setup, once settings have been applied once, changing dokuwiki instance settings (administrator password, and almost any other field with exception of FQDN) they are saved in the node but not applied to dokuwiki.
Changing administrator password (or any other setting) on dokuwiki is not reflected on instance settings page.

I guess it’s difficult to keep track of changes of instances, even more when some might store things salted, encrypted, on db… (not exactly the case for dokuwiki, though).

If the instance settings are only for first config, fields should be read-only afterwards with a note on the out of sync problem.

If they are supposed to be in sync, then needs some work.

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seems true

I see work is in progress:

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Fixed by above update from @stephdl.
Tested and working correctly.