NS8 DNS validation for Let's Encrypt

Hi @giacomo

Wow ! Thank you very much.

Is it possible to do something like it for NS8b ?


NS8 already has DNS validation, is built-in inside Traefik: Traefik Let's Encrypt Documentation - Traefik

You can try it by creating a manual config inside /home/trafikX/.config/state/configs.
This is not exposed in the UI because a good web form for it is very very very very hard and time consuming (you can see how many options exists from the link above).

Maybe we can find a way to make it configurable by hand.
@davidep @Amygos what do you think?

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I agree we can start with a manual config. However even if a complete UI is not possible, a generic form could be still added to the UI in the future, to avoid falling back to CLI.

Filed a card here in Trello.

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Hi @davidep

Just copy it from NethSecurity. (but it will be much better to copy it from OpenWRT because NethSecurity didn’t copy it properly - forgot acme-dnsapi)

For an example, look at: NethSecurity Install on Proxmox shield (doc error) - #14 by michelandre


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