NS8 Create domain stuck (frozen)

Hi everyone,

Just trying to test the new NS8, after the installation of the distribution and the NS8 successfully, once trying to do the first step which is to create the USERS PROVIDER (SAMBA) it get stuck and never moves, please see below picture and scenario.

AlmaLinux 9.3 DVD & Rocky Linux 9.3 Minimal = Both get stuck in the same place (fail)

If I try to do the same but using OpenLDAP, it does finish and works as intended to be.

Start a new Samba installation and go to the Logs page. Follow the logs until the installation blocks and try to record the timestamp. Maybe there’s some message that can help to undestand what’s happening: cut and paste them here!

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Hi everyone,

I think I solve the problem or find out the cause of the issue, don’t know if this is a bug, or I’m not supposed to do what I did to cause the STUCK, see below details.

The problem was because I change the IP of the VPN CIDR to


When I run the command below, I got the following.


If I look at the wg0 interface, I got this.


Trying to change manually doesn’t work, but I do have progress loading screen after hit configure domain, but it fails after few seconds, the official documentation says that this cannot be change once configured, in the meantime I just reinstalled and once I left the default CIDR IP, everything when good.

So, is this a bug?.

Thanks everyone.

The VPN network seems in a public IP range. I never test such condition. The VPN input field should allow only private networks: this is the bug I’d fix.


The new VPN validator is in core testing package 2.5.4-dev.1


Hi everyone,

Great job guys, you guys are amazing.

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