NS8 core update 0.0.38 -> 1.0.0 admin UI does not load

NS8 on rocky 9 VM

After core update the Admin UI is not accessible, journalctl shows this error:

node[806]: task/node/1/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX: get-info/20read is starting
node[806]: Context set error: NOPERM this user has no permissions to access one of the keys used as arguments

Seems like an issue with Redis ACL and (missing / changed) permissions of the admin user.
Or maybe something with 2FA on admin account (was not enabled in core 0.0.38)
Modules work fine.

I have two questions:

  1. how do I check the running core version from the command line?
  2. Any hints on how to correct this error?
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I think there are issues updating from alpha:

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Markus is right: for security reasons, we changed some ACLs in the beta 1.
You should reinstall it.
This should not happen anymore on next updates.

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