NS8-core: Software Center - incorrect App info Source Package Link

Priority: very low
Just a minor issue. On the App info modal window, the Source package link off all apps have the cluster-admin address prepended to the correct URL.

Related to it, on the “About page” of each app, the URL is correct but (as well as in the App info) it’s not a link as misses the https://

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I guess that URL refers to an OCI image registry. The URL scheme should be docker://, instead of http://.

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Then the second point is OK. If pointing to http(s) would lead to the github repo.

We can’t assume the URL is meaningful for both schemes. In the case of GitHub it works, but for Docker Hub or whatever it might not be successful AFAIK.

The label “Source package” is probably misleading. We could change to “Application image”, “Image repository” or something else…