NS8 Beta 2 - Unable to do post installation

NethServer Version: 8 Beta 2
Module: web

I installed the proxmox-version and I finally got it running, had an odd problem where it kept logging out while changing the root password. It’s setup with a static IP, dnf works and I can reach cockpit but there is nothing running on port 80/443 so I can’t do access https://<server_ip_or_fqdn>/cluster-admin/ in Post Installation when I follow the instructions on Installation — NS8 documentation.
When I login to cockpit it say that the services wg-quick@wg0 and rngd failed to start.

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Anyone that has an idea what the problem is?

Can’t open any entropy source

Your VM is missing a random numbers device, mounted as /dev/urandom. It fails to generate a certificate, required to start Traefik HTTPS server.

This might help to set up Proxmox Qemu/KVM Virtual Machines - Proxmox VE.

wg0 failure is a false alarm: it can be ignored

‘entropy’. gave that away I guess

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