NS8-backuppc needs testers

Something new to play with: BackupPC v4

it is something reliable, smb and rsync are workable

what is workable

backup via rsync
backup with smb
mail notification
ldap authentication

to install it

add-module ghcr.io/stephdl/backuppc:1.0.0-dev.7

to be able to backup a linux host you need to send your backup rsa key to the linux host because we won’t ask the password fro the backup

runagent -m backuppc1 podman exec -ti backuppc-app su -s /bin/sh backuppc

ssh-copy-id -i ~backuppc/.ssh/id_rsa.pub root@

when you have configured the email notification in the cluster you could test the mail notification
Before to test it verify the EMailFromUserName to set it accordingly to your mail address.

runagent -m backuppc1 podman exec backuppc-app su -s /bin/sh backuppc -c '/usr/local/BackupPC/bin/BackupPC_sendEmail -u foo@domain.com'

you have either a basic authentication or you could test the LDAP one


tests on smb protocol are welcome


smb is broken :stuck_out_tongue:

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sometime dopamin of coding is better than adrenalin of mountain bike

my patch has been accepted :stuck_out_tongue:


Package backuppc · GitHub released, we are close to release

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Apologies for my folly.
Does this convert NS8 into a backup destination of any client machines, say my windows laptop to th NS8 Server?

I’ve seen it uses SMB, does it meant its only menat to backup locally within the local premise environment, or would a local to cloud backup scenario work for windows as well.

i see for *nx systems rsync via ssh is used. supposed its only for local within premise backup.

does it mean that we can have a local backup server, backing up windows clients to it, then using rsync backup to the cloud on another NS8 box?

or generally how is backuo to cloud handled… been trying to understand it all.

Backuppc is a software to backup client on the LAN but I suppose if the NS8 is behind a VPN it is the same

The purpose is to be agentless so you use rsync or smb

For window you could also use rsyncd but it is a service that it must be installed

You have a UI to manage the backup and the restoration with LDAP for selfservice of users

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version ghcr.io/stephdl/backuppc:1.0.0-dev.4 is available, now it is your turn to brings tests, everything is up to be merged, only tests are needed before to release to NethForge

the backup and restoration of NS8 is tested and validated with ghcr.io/stephdl/backuppc:1.0.0-dev.7


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