NS8: Backup Configuration (SMB-Repo)

NethServer Version: NS8 RC1

Before I get serious about switching to NS8, I wanted to configure a backup.

The obvious attempt to use a Minio container on the Synology Diskstation failed because the provided container is broken.

„Fatal glibc error: CPU does not support x86-64-v2“

The alternative, an SMB backup, was supposed to be a no-brainer.
But I failed miserably, and the documentation contains practically no useful information.

In preparation, I set up a new share on the Synology called “NS8-BAK”.

The user only responsible for the backup is also called “NS8-BAK” and has the read/write rights for the share.

Transferring the information to the GUI proved more difficult than expected and has so far been unsuccessful.

What have I misunderstood or done wrong here?

Sincerley, Marko


You’re right the docs and the UI do not help.

IIRC in the URL field you’d type just the share name, NS8-BAK


As soon as you get it right, it’s easy…


The URL field has a placeholder that should help to fill that field. In Windows share case the placeholder is Share name

I opened a PR for the docs, to add a table with some examples of the possible URL field values. This is a preview: Backup and restore — NS8 documentation

Any idea to improve the UI further?


What misled me was the label “URL” at the top left.
In my opinion, this has no guiding significance and should be removed.

The UI’s naming convention could also be standardized.
Above the fields for entering the parameters is the title of the field, which indicates the required content.
The label smb: to the left of the first field could be omitted.
Instead, the field “Name of the share at top directory level” could be displayed above the field.
Inside the field could display:
Example: for the real Share “//vol1/NS-BAK” use only “NS8-BAK”

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