NS8 b2 instance broken: “Failed to disable unit"

Hi all,

today I installed from scratch a fresh ns8 b2 instance on a Debian host. After installation, I created a new cluster, and immediately started installation of two apps (Minio, crowdsec). Then I realized that I forgot to create a user domain, so I created an ldap instance while the installation of the apps was still running.
Result: installation of crowdsec got stuck at 100%, installation of minio got stuck at 33%.
I tried to reboot the server, after which both apps have been shown as installed, but were not functional. In the current state, almost all apps can be uninstalled, besides a non-working crowdsec instance which fails to uninstall ( cluster/destroy-module says “Failed to disable unit: Unit file crowdsec2.service does not exist.”).
Installation of new apps gets stuck at 100% without error message (e.g. minio), or fails (e.g. nextcloud) with error message “something went wrong” (show more reveals “Subtask cluster/create-module failed”).

Can I provide any additional information such that you can identify & fix the issue for future releases?

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This is known with beta2, once installed you have to refresh the page there is a bug in the UI. Relevant to nextcloud you need to check in log and filter by the module id, for example nextcloud1

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Same for crowdsec you could filter by crowdsec1 and try to understand what is the first error