NS8 as File Server with external LDAP


is this correct that it is not possible to use Nethserver 8 as file server who doesnt handle the domain by itself?

I have joined ns8 with my domain but i wasnt able to creat share folders. Only after i create an internal new domain i was able to do it. But the problem was i cant use the users or groups out of the external LDAP.

I do it wrong or is this feature are not implemented?

many thanks



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I can confirm your steps and I would also need this feature - NS8-Fileserver with external AD / LDAP.

and how does the file server work geenrally on local AD at the moment?

havnt tested the internal fs further yet. Because in my environment with an already existing DC it makes not real sense to implement it.

This is an feature which i already use with NS7 and it works fine.

Is this on the roadmap of NS8?

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The same question about a standalone Samba File server module was already answered here, and as you can read in the last release announcement it is not planned for the next round.


thank you for response.
So i will wait until it is finish.

best regards and thank you again

Are there any news on implementing the Fileserver-Service on NS8 with external LDAP?

I would need this feature for a few customers… They have to use a Windows Domain Controller and I dont want do setup an additional (Windows)-Server as a Fileserver…

Any news or time horizon abt that?