NS8: Architecture clarification

Forgive my ignorance. I’ve been a long time user of NS7. However NS8 is still a bit confusing as to the architecture and design. So currently I’m testing out the beta in a Proxmox hypervisor. In NS8 from the Domain and Users tab, I’ve configured a SAMBA dc and File Server.

  • How do I access the samba server from a terminal?
  • Was samba dc installed in a container? If so how do I access the container?
  • Was the File Server installed as a separate container or was it a part of the samba installation?

Also, from the File Server standpoint, in NS7 there was a samba audit feature within the File Server app. Is there something similar that is accessible for NS8?

Thanks for your time and congrats on your hard work and efforts to release this wonderful Beta milestone!

Yes, it’s in a container. You can access them with podman.

Connect to the samba environment, usually samba1, by executing

ssh samba1@locahost

Connect to the samba-dc container:

podman exec -ti samba-dc /bin/bash

For example get the samba version:

samba -V

It’s part of the samba container, I found homes and shares in /srv/

I couldn’t find it.


Not yet. We are going to re-add a similar features if many users will ask for it :wink:

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How many users does “Pretty please!” count for? :grinning: