NS8-App Mayhem: A Modules Dev thread on multiple modules issues faced

Tested and no problems to report.

There are functions that can come in handy for support requests in the forum (json prettifier…) or for some quick tasks (IP calculator, crontab generator…), but in my opinion it is of limited use for SMB (sporadic use, same task quickly done with an online search/tool), but maybe developers use it more often.


Adding these 2 here so that i may remember.

Implement form builder and survey manager apps for nethserver 8

Potential contenders.

  1. Formbricks
  2. Heyforms
  3. OpnForm - OpnForm

How about https://community.limesurvey.org/

It had some attention in the past and could easily be installed into an iBay in the old days.

thats also a wonderful option, would be considered as well

thank you