NS7 - Shorewall firewall reject packets

Nethserver 7.9 2009

Good morning.

I am having difficulty using applications that connect to remote networks, they are:

  • talscale;
  • zerotier;
  • and lastly Openvpn Cloudconexxa.

I can install and connect Openvpn with their cloud, but it does not communicate and in the firewall logs there is a rejection of packets. This happens in the other two applications mentioned, the same thing, the shorewall rejects outgoing and incoming packets from these interfaces.

Here’s an example:

vpn tunnel on tun0 →

Firewall logs:

I created some firewall rules allowing communication between these networks but it didn’t work.

Any tips on what I can do in this case?

Do you have enabled the option on firewall that permit traffic between vpn?


Hmm 100.96.1.xx Is not a C class IP.
This Is the problem i think.

On NS7? Is this installation (as design) a router/firewall, a server… both?

That’s Tailscale subnet.

This NS7 is a server with a LAN interface only and used for Postgres banking services. I installed the firewall package for simple adjustments only, but it is not used as a firewall or gateway.