NS7 seems lost domain config

NethServer Version: NS7
Module: SSSD / DNS
Since yesterday my server acts up. Everything is very slow, I am not sure what causes this behavior, but I have a LOT of lines in /var/log/messages with:
Maximum number of concurrent DNS queries reached (max: 150)
I can log in the webinterface but after a minute or so the NS webinterface becomes inresponsive.

The server is not accessable on it’s FQDN anymore. Only through IP address.
Looks like something to do with a Samba4 accountprovider problem? Any pointers how to troubleshoot this are welcome. What info should I look for? I can SSH into the server.

any clues from journalctl -u dnsmasq.service ?

I already removed the account provider, but still a lot of problems with this VM. (thank god it’s a VM ;))
rolling back to a previous state and all is well.
I know, it’s too bad now we can not document this issue, but I rather have a running server than a few days of downtime.