NS7 RC2 with Webtop and multiple Maildomains

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i plan to use NS7 with LDAP, Webtop and Nextcloud in a DMZ The Problem is now to configure Webtop for more than one Maildomain. Where can i find a Document that can help me to solve the Problem?

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Hi @transocean

If you have already configured users, aliases and domains on netserver, you have to put in the correct sender email in Settings (button in the upper right), Email and edit field Email

If you want to allow user to send from multiple addresses, you have to go in Settings , Email , identities and create them


I think @transocean reffered to different domains (domain1.tld, domain2.tld, …), not domain and/or user aliases.


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Hi Gabriel,

that is right. But how can i realize it in NS 7 with webtop? I think it is a different way than NS 6.8.



Hi Uwe,

I also have and use NS 6.8 with SOGo in this configuration (multiple email domains placed in DMZ).

Unfortunately, I understand that this approach is not possible with NS7 (yes, is a different way than in NS 6.8).
I wish to have some time to test this with OpenLDAP.
If I understand well from @gabriele_bulfon in other topic when I put this question, they use WebTop as multidomain email server but in other configuration (not with NS).

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I found that topic!

Citadel Groupware

and next …

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