NS7 -> NS8 Mail migration stalled

After selecting the “Finish migration” button, I’m now at this:

What can I check to see where in the process this is.

  • Has is actually started
  • Is it stuck somewhere in the middle
  • Has it finished


Try following the logs:

  • The migration tool UI has a Logs page for reading /var/log/ns8-migration.log contents. The migration procedure of each application sends a trace of its activity to that file.
  • Furthermore, when joining/leaving the NS8 cluster and when NS7 services are modified, some information can be recorded by /var/log/messages as usual.
  • On the NS8 side, the application log contains the trace of the import-module activity.

There is a bug with roundcubemail-next (don’t know it that concerns you …maybe is unrelated to the current migration stage), and a bug with remote ldap account provider.

Can you ssh in and check with top what processes are running and the load. Maybe this tells you something about activities.


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Nothing out of ordinary running and very low load on both servers, so nothing soaking cpu on either side.

Nothing other than the creation of files/directories and the initial sync. Nothing logged about the Finish process.

Not using roundcubemail and my NS7 provider is the Samba based AD.


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At the end of the application migration, the system will:

  • start the module inside NethServer 8
  • disable the application inside NethServer 7

Definitely not got that far. All the ports are still open on NS7, none on NS8.


Not sure what was wrong, but fixed it by following the following sequence:

  • Disconnected NS7 from NS8
  • Un-installed the migration package from NS7
  • Re-booted NS7
  • Re-installed migration package
  • Re-built NS8 from the Rocky image
  • Re-created the primary cluster
  • Re-connected NS7 → NS8
  • Performed the mail migration