NS7 display network services in firewall rules UI

The “Firewall rules” page isn’t easy. :neutral_face:

I think a recent support request comes from the fact that it’s not clear that firewall rules in NS6 apply to packets traversing the firewall (i.e. not directed to network services running on firewall itself).

Therefore me @giacomo and @stll0 tried to make visible on the “Firewall rules” page the rules established by “Network services” page.

Also it’s now possible to define a rule for a local network service.

This way we remove the need to have “Allow host”/“Deny host” fields in “Network services”.

The packages in updates repository are:

  • nethserver-firewall-base-2.10.5-1.44.gd58a606.ns7.noarch.rpm
  • nethserver-firewall-base-ui-2.10.5-1.44.gd58a606.ns7.noarch.rpm

We’d really like to hear your opinions and suggestions!! :smile:

/cc @Alessia, @quality_team


amazing!!! :thumbsup:

I love it! :heart_eyes: what do you think? Can we improve it? @Adam @GG_jr @Hunv @denv @deft @hgeorge123 @Nas @lvicentini