NS7 Defaults Users to More Restrictive umask

Noticed when playing around with NS7 Final that files/directories created by users no longer have write permissions at the group level. With NS6 the default umask was 002. Now with NS7 it’s 022. I’m guessing that it’s this test in /etc/profile that’s the reason:

if [ $UID -gt 199 ] && [ "`id -gn`" = "`id -un`" ]; then
    umask 002
    umask 022

What’s the best way to reset this default back to 002: /etc/profile.d/local.sh ??

Slightly off topic, but still related to the (new) AD naming convention. Is there a way to force “ls -l” to use the short form of the user/group names. I really don’t want to go buy a new 25" monitor just to be able to read directory listings easily :smiley: :

[eddie@NethServerFinal tester]$ ls -al
total 4
drwxr-sr-x 2 eddie                       fileshare@BogoLinux.net 22 Feb 25 17:06 .
drwxrws--- 3 administrator@BogoLinux.net fileshare@BogoLinux.net 20 Feb 25 17:06 ..
-rw-r--r-- 1 eddie                       fileshare@BogoLinux.net  5 Feb 25 17:06 test.txt
[eddie@NethServerFinal tester]$

Or maybe even make it consistent. :wink: