NS7 and Virtual Machines setup

I am planning to solve this scenario:

Host machine:
HP DL180 / 96GB RAM / 8x2TB HDD / 2 x LAN 1Gb

What is planned:

  1. NS 7 as host OS
  2. 2 virtual machines
    2.1. MS Windows Server for ERP software
    2.2. NS 7 for Samb4AD + file sharing

question is how to set up partitions for that solution?
maybe anyone had the same problem?

I have readed this post:

and docs:

thanks in advance

Just a question. Although NS7 can act as a VM host it may not be the easiest solution to your problem. I ran a setup similar to what you are describing and ended up using Xenserver (free edition) to host NS and everything else. It’s not that NS couldn’t be a VM host, it was just easier for me to use a dedicated VM host instead of trying to get KVM to do what I wanted with the time I had to set it up.

Hi! Finally i have solved the problem with partitioning, and now i am setting up NS7. Got some problems on that HP server when i choose manual partitioning - i haven’t created /BOOTBIOS or /BIOSBOOT partition but after some struggling NS7 as host system works just fine.

I had also some problems with Virtual Machines app (webgui) but it also is now ok. I just found a “small” bug in the wiki(https://wiki.nethserver.org/doku.php?id=ns_webvirtmgr) regarding creation of ISO folder which is: after manual creation of ISO folder and then setting it up via WebGUI it should be started (which was not in my configuration - can anyone could check it please if this is problem with my setup or it’s the right behavior).

Another info - for installing MS Windows Server 2008 R2 don’t check VirtIO while creating New Instance - i was not able to add virtio drivers for that - there was strange error from MS Windows Server setup, but after unchecking it everything goes smooth :slight_smile: