[NS7.9] windows 10/11 and NTP

NethServer Version: NS7.9
Module: shorewall-suricata (?)

Hello there! I’m writing here because i cannot fiugre out where is the problem. I’m using a little NS7.9 as firewall/IPS to manage a testing lab (i know, not the best solution!), and in these days I’m struggling with NTP: if I try to update date and time from a client behind the NS i cannot have a response from NTP server. I’m shure of this problem is in the NS because if I connect directly the client to my ISP router it work like a charme.

I’m looking with logs from suricata and shorewall and i cannot see anyting about the provided request from client (time.windows.com). If i look the raw request wt wireshark i see the NTPv1 pass, but the NTPv3 not work at all. Also, if I disable suricata it doesn’t work.

Any ideas about this?

Thank’s to all in advantage.