[NS6.8] NUT and APC Network Management Card

Hi all,

If anyone ever needs this, it is possible to monitor an APC Network Management Card via NethServer (for the moment I tested it on 6.8, but I think this is completely specular on 7).

You need to install the NUT package from the Software Center (packages nethserver-nut and optionally nethserver-collectd and collectd-nut).

Then you may go on the WebGUI, Configuration > UPS and set the following:

Leave device as “USB (Auto)”. At the submit you will receive an error, but it is fine.

Open an SSH connection to NethServer, then become root and configure your APC Network Management Card as a device (let’s suppose it is available at address

db configuration setprop nut-server Device
signal-event nethserver-nut-save

And voilà, your UPS details will appear on the Dashboard, UPS section:

How this magic works has been explained on official documentation and man 8 snmp-ups.



The right command should bedb configuration setprop nut-server Device

Just tried with NS 7.4 and obviously it works.


I just fixed the original post :wink:

Thanks for that, really helpful!