NS with one green interface as default gateway (without NAT)

Hi there,

please find below my current network config:

  • Router: (connected to Internet/NAT)
  • Nethserver 7.9:
  • Server1:
  • Server2:

My servers currently using the Nethserver with one single interface (green role) as default gateway. I’m connecting from outside with OVPN and portforwarding 1194/UDP to the Nethserver and can access my servers. So I dont’t have to set static routes to OVPN network on my router. Everything is working perfect, even the servers can access internet because netserver is redirecting packets to the router. My servers doing backup to a cloud storage during the night, that’s also working.

I would like to know if this is a valid configuration or if I have to expect any issues in the future?


AFAIK is a valid configuration.
Only one green interface is mandatory, all the other kind of intefaces are optional.
Nevetherless, it’s not ideal for several reasons.

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Depends if your OVPN is using tun or tap. Tun is preferred and will be supported in future and is the “routed” version. Tap is the “bridged” version and AFAIK may be dropped in future. You will have problems if using an Android tablet or smartphone, as the clients there only support tun, as with Apple’s iOS.

If that is no issue to you, then I don’t see any problems for the future.

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@Andy_Wismer Hi Andy,

thanks a lot for your comment. I’m using OVPN always in routed mode, so that shouldn’t be an issue.


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@pike Hi Michael. Thanks a lot for your comment.