NS to a Cisco or other vpn router

Hello, trying to see or how to set up a vpn, from a cloud NS to our stores. our stores use linksy and cisco routers, We are coming off of clearos what was set up very to set up

I have not tried it but IPSec should work. Try it, I’m also interested with the result.

Hi @chcllc

please could you give us more details about your infrastructure and what you would like to achieve?


so what we have is NS in the Cloud, i want to have our 16 stores connect to it over a vpn

And what is there in each store?
How many computers and/ore mobile devices?
Which kind of firewall?
Which kind of router?
Which kind of Internet connection?
With of without static public IPs?

The simplest case could be that in each store there is just one computer with Internet access so you can easily configure a software VPN but is it your case @chcllc?

@chcllc please take a look at this document before, and always Pack as Much Information in as Possible

hello, every store has a cisco vpn router in it, every store has 4 pos and 1pc, plus 6 Ip cams. my hope was to set NS has our domain master and a vpn to the stores. every store has a ddns setup and internet. Our NS Server is has a static ip (the sever it self is a VM ). We get a green port everytime we install, never a red internet port. i hope this helps a little.

@alefattorini @sitz soo looking at this, is there a “how to” how to set up l2ip/ipsec, what i was thinking set up each store as a user with a password. or not. what do you you guys think? i want everyone to share files and printer system wide.


Kris Klein

Hi @chcllc

your case needs VPN tunnels, IPSec VPN tunnels between Cisco router and your NethServer in cloud.

For what is my experience every manufacturer (Cisco, Bintec, ZyXEL etc.) has its own IPSec protocol implementation and it’s not easy to configure IPSec VPN tunnels across different devices.

By the way, first of all we should ask to @alefattorini which is the module that implement IPSec protocol in NethServer because I don’t think is OpenVPN.

With information above you should be able to find something on the Internet if there aren’t NethServerians with this kind of knowledge/experience.

@alefattorini, what module is the IPSec?

openswan :smile: