NS feedback loop


i wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all before this router/hosting thing completely settles down and i totally forget about the madness that is working in the background! this setup felt rock solid from the start - after the first week of not fiddling around with the system i am starting to forget about it which makes me really happy.

configurating that stuff if your not an IT / network / web hosting type of guy is pretty daunting. i tried it with centos over the past 5 years with varying success. now with NS i finally could combine two pcs into one and gain a music streaming service.

gateway / firewall / wlan bridge to lan / dhcp / nfs / raid / nextcloud / funkwhale -> how awesome is that? :slight_smile:

so thanks to the entire NS community and the people who helped me in the forums! keep it up!


Thank you Philip for your kind words!
Iā€™m very happy that NethServer fitted all your need! :rocket: