Ns after router - pass dhcp to clients

Continuing the discussion from Confused what is the Gateway in the different configuration:

NethServer Version: 7.4.1708
Module: pea(not pi)-brain

Well, it does not work…

OK, I have a Router with access by ISP so I wana have Router<->NSeth0 red<->NSeth1 green<->clients.
The router is the dhcp server also for parental-control.

Hope that I can first ignore IPV6 from ISP! But I can’t pass the DHCP-service from red to green to client.

So first the question - is this possible?


P.S. Info eth0
Role red
IP / Netmask

br0(for ad)
Role green
IP / Netmask
Type Static

You may be referring to bridge mode. Example:

Bridge mode has limited functions, but it may be configured from command line.
NethServer is only tested in router mode.

thx for the tipp - will have a look here…

bridging with shorewall