NS 8 Use mail server for e-mail notifications

NethServer Version: NS8
Module: E-mail notifications

Hello everyone,
I am currently preparing the replacement of my NS 7 so that everything works as usual after the EOL in June. The server is running Nextcloud, Mail, SoGo Imapsync and Mattermost. With my current Nextcloud on NS 7 I have entered the FQDN of the server including port and SSL for the e-mail notifications by NC and the mail versnad via the NC worked. With NS 8 this does not seem to work, must be implemented differently, or I have no idea. It will probably be the latter. :grinning: What do I have to enter here so that the sending of e-mail notifications via the NS 8 mail server works? The FQDN of the NS 8 does not seem to be enough.

Thanks for helping…


The configured host is where the Mail app runs, IP 10.5.4.x is its VPN IP address.


If you have a Mail app instance running in your cluster you can either:

  • insert the node VPN IP address (e.g. in the SMTP server field, port 25 no authentication, no TLS. You find the IP under Nodes > See details, OR
  • wait until Mail 1.4 is released: an enhancement of the Email notifications page will be included to guide the admin in this scenario

Thank you Marc and Davide. That works.