NS 8 backup on USB HDD or NFS

NethServer Version: Nethserver 8 Beta
Module: Backup

Hello friends,

I have installed NS8 as a VM on my proxmox. I use Alma-Lixux as the base OS. I use only the leader on which I installed Samba-AD and Open LDAP as account provider. As applications I run Mail, Webtop, NC, Mattermost and Dokuwiki.
So far everything is running fine and covers my requirements. Congratulations to the developers for this good work. I am now interested in knowing whether the backup function will also allow local backup to a USB HDD or NFS share in the future? I don’t like to trust my data to foreign places in the cloud. At the moment I use the backup function of Proxmox. But later I want to install NS8 on physical hardware. And there a backup possibility would be an advantage, as it is the case with NS7.




The question of a local option for backup has been answered. I found the solution at Trello.


Good. Can you set it as solved please? Thanks!

Yes, sure…

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