NS 7: FaxWeb2 vs AvantaFAX

Continuing the discussion from Fax Server / FaxWeb 2.0 in English?:

I would like to drop support for FaxWeb2 inside the new NS 7 release,
since the software is almost unmaintained and only focused on Italian people.

But a web-based fax client is still a nice-to-have feature and I would like to include it inside the NethForge.

My question is: someone wants to maintain FaxWeb2 package and translate in to English?
Otherwise, anyone is interested into carrying on AvantFAX integration?

IMHO, I’d like the idea of a new fax client :wink:

Hi @giacomo,

AvantFax is needed to have php.ini or inside virtualhost temp dir, as I have already mentioned.
Otherwise it is one of the best solutions for online Fax mashine.

I like the idea of the two packages…

If it’s too complicated to maintain, I suggest to choose the oldest between the two projects.
The oldest is, by definition, the most well proven.

But it’s Italian-only, traslating it into English is needed

I don’t get it, can you please paste the needed configuration? Let’s see if we can fix it with a simple workaround :smile:

If the software isn’t maintained (anymore) there is little use to keep it. We shouldn’t want to have a module without updates.

Still thinking why there’s no update anymore?

Is the FAX technology is evoluing yet, rise yet?
Or it’s a technology already in history ( to not say in museum )? :unamused:

Edit: In hotel, we did’t use anymore…
Is a sector of activity wich need yet?

It’s better to have the well proven and just maintain… Not reinvent the wheel for this nich technology.

Hi @giacomo


Alias /fax /var/www/html/avantfax

<Directory /var/www/html/avantfax>
  AllowOverride All

    php_value session.save_handler files
    php_value session.save_path /tmp
    php_value file_uploads 1
    php_value upload_max_filesize 40M
    php_value post_max_size 40M

It’s OK for me, we can simply change the tmp path to a well known dir created by the package

I agree.

In Italy there are people still using fax :open_mouth: … so the fax server is still updated.
But FaxWeb2 packages is very old and has some bugs which has never been fixed.

This is why I would like to switch to a well known solution like Avantfax :smile: