NS 7: chrony issue

I did some tests but I couldn’t reproduce the problem on chrony time sync.

Here is the issue:

I did the following:

  • switch from automatic to manual sync
  • switch back from manual to automatic
  • time change
  • timezone change

Could you please give me a little more info on how to reproduce the bug @dnutan and @GG_jr ?

I’m not sure what is the cause. It was set to automatic from start.
At first the time was in sync, but after some hours of use there was a big time difference.
Don’t know if it could be that some of the ntp servers is giving wrong time ¿? or if it’s something else.

Ok, I suppose that chrony wan’t able to reach enough sources.
See original code:

It seems the expected behavior, do you agree?

I found this line in my messages:
Jul 15 18:54:09 ns7b1 chronyd[16079]: Can't synchronise: no majority

Apart from that, sometimes chronyd seems “slow” to adjust time (seen on a vm which I susped often).
I use:
chronyc -a makestep
to force a clock adjustment.

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Hi Giacomo,

I installed NS 7b1 on a dedicated server and there is no chrony issues (except that if you want to see the real time on Dashboard, you must refresh the page, or go to another menu and switch back; can you do something with this?).

I suppose that, as @filippo_carletti said, it’s happen only on VM.
I checked again on VM and the issue is present.

The curious thing is that with NS 6.8 on VM, no chrony issue (if I remember well; I will check).


It happened on VM. Not on a dedicated server.

Can’t synchronise: no majority


NS 6.8 uses ntp client not chrony (which is the default for NS 7).

I saw the reported log yesterday on a VM, but there were no problems at all.
I closed the bug since everything seems fine :wink:

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