Notifying the user when the mailbox limit is reached

I propose to add the function of alerting the user when he reaches the mailbox limit
if set mail quota to 1 gb
if mail quota users remains <10% send email notifying to user

Sorry my English


Hi @xcod,
this is a feature request already opened some time ago (
I just proceeded to refresh it with the answers that the developers asked.

We hope to have it in one of the next updates planned for this year.

In any case, thanks for the suggestion :wink:

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I find it useful to have only a graphical view of the amount of quota used and I would not add an email alert for this thing :roll_eyes:


Isn’t said that the users managing their mailbox via webtop only. Maybe they’re connected with some other clients (Thunderbird, IMAP client on smartphone), so I thing that’s need a alert that’s neutral regarding the client that manages the mailbox.

A server-side alert could be implemented with a cronjob that keeps track of already sent alerts.


  • not trivial implementation
  • maybe it’s too neutral about user preferences - in what language should the alert be written?