Notifications of on-going processes don't persist

I was updating the core, which for some reason takes forever in 95% (on a fast machine on an M.2 based VM).
I instinctively pressed F5 after some time, the notification was no more.
I expect the system to re-pop the notification since it didn’t finish yet (probably).
I don’t think I just pressed F5 at the right second.

You can probably verify by making the system go on a long process with some progress and see if you can still see the notification after page refresh.
It is possible it does refresh if the percentage changes, but it seems actual progress of some tasks isn’t also the strong card of NS8 :smiley: (not that I know of any OS doing a good job).

You mean you were running NS8 in M.2 vm, I am not sure ARM is supported fully yet in NS8

Where do you read anything about ARM above?

Making things unneeded complicated?

M.2 is a connection standard for NVME types and is much faster than any SSD or SAS.

My assumptions were M2 based VM, meaning, making use of Apple M2 processors.

My apologies if i read that wrong.

I know M2 in storage means somethign else

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M2 CPUs are NOT quite the same things as M.2 connected Storage…
The dot makes a world of difference.


Sorry guys my fault I should be more clear.

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