Not resolve domains .su


Using version 7.8.2003 with all updates. Ocured by problem of resolving .su domains. Example:
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

Searching of this them in internet has no results.

What configurations can solve this bug?

Hi Haggar,
welcome to this awsome community.

I belief you should provide more information:

  1. What about with local DNS resolver like nslookup
  2. What about with different DNS servers like nslookup
  3. Do you have checked the log files, esp. firewall for blocking port 53?
  4. What st the current service status: systemctl status dnsmasq

Best regards, Marko

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Found source of my problem. Suricata bloking requests.

11/18/2020-16:54:49.673664 [Drop] [] [1:2014169:2] ET DNS Query for .su TLD (Soviet Union) Often Malware Related [] [Classification: Potentially Bad Traffic] [Priority: 2] {UDP} ->

Is there any solution to add this type of requests to exeprion?

Perhaps the “Dns (ET-emerging-dns)”-Catacory is overzealous. Try to change the mode from blocking to alert or deactivate.

Check the signature in Evebox wich category initiates the blocking

Thanks for help. Potentially Bad Traffic category. But i could not found it in interface, setting off this category in dns config helped.