Not able to Login to Nethserver 7

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611
Module: your_module

Help ? I wonder if anyone had this problem
Not able to Login in Server DashBoard as Admin and all email password invalid.,

Only able to login to login to Dashboard as root, but not able to update the users passwords. I get error Task Completed with error. I had 2 separate servers experienced the same problem. Not able to recover …

Could my server been HACKED by some one… so far I can’t recover.

Even tried restore configuration backup I get error:
Task completed with errors
Reconfiguring system #5 (exit status 1)
Event post-restore-config failed

It seemed that this hacked maybe TIMED implemented… even my BACKUP Server dated a month ago, after I started it up would experience the SAME Unable to Login issue.

Any help appreciated…

After restoring the System Backup Configuration File and restart the Server, I was able to login now. Not Sure if the problem or whether “Hack” app still in the server.

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