Nominate someone who has given you exceptional help or advice

Hey NethServer people!
Want to try something NEW? I have a sneaking suspicion that you’ll love it. I saw this in another group and it looked right up our alley!

As you know in this community, we put a high value on helping each other out.

The point of this post is all about connecting with each other and being generous with our knowledge - two things this group is really, really, ridiculously good at.

Here’s how it works:

  • Anyone can nominate someone who has given them exceptional help or advice over the last months: you need to mention him/her and explain why

That’s a great opportunity to say thank and give gratitude you in a substantial way!

Plus, the most helpful member will receive a nice gift :slight_smile:

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Can I do 2? :grinning:
@stephdl - about great thing implementation and helping to install/use them - fail2ban, urbackup
@flatspin - for explaining basic things (and saving me the shame to ask it) :slight_smile:

Thanks all, for great community support!


Ok 2 people at most!

It’s my turn now, I wanna give a big shoutout to

  • @giacomo: always around every single morning! Over the weekend as well.
  • @GG_jr : he doesn’t miss a day on community and read basically everything! Giving much love and smart answers!

Thank you guys, I really appreciate it.:balloon:


Because I have only two to mention:

  1. @alefattorini: for how manage this project, for how handle relationships among members of this community to maintain harmony! Always with us!
  2. To each of you (Nethesis and NethServer Community): I feel wronged someone if I would not mention you all! Always I learn something from all of you! Thank you! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Kind regards,


Leaving apart the @dev_team, always reachable, I will say @stephdl and @Ctek deserve an award for their work on modules;
@Hunv and @flatspin for testing them (and NS7);
@mark_nl for his work on ARM;
@Nas and other members for the given support…

Too many to mention them all!

Did you say two? :innocent:

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I’m surprise not to see @davidep yet.:slight_smile:
He always give very good answers


I’m surprised to see no @dz00te here! His help on many QA runs is commendable!

I invite people, who are mentioned here @dz00te @Hunv @flatspin @Nas @mark_nl @stephdl @Ctek @giacomo, will pay back nominating someone who has given them exceptional help or advice over the last months. When I speak of help I mean every kind of help, not just support: development tips, feedback or good conversations!

As I came to this community in march, it was @nas who almost immediately was there to help. This was the reason i decided that is a great community and that i will engage me here. :clap::clap:
And @stephdl for his work on crotabmanager, urbackup and so on :clap::clap:
Thanks to everyone here. You are all great!!


Big shoutout to @robb and @Jim they have helped me a lot on community stuff and spent a lot of time here!


To be frank i don’t like to nominate a particular person.
I appreciate everybody who’s contributing;

Being asked, my greatest appreciation goes to the people documenting Nethserver,
So put them all on top of my list

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I have two people to nominate

@dz00te for the QA he does and for his NS mirror
@mark_nl for the work on the arm branch