No user nor groups after last BIG update

After my last update (can’t remember the exact date), all users/groups are not there anymore and therefore no access from my windows 10 client to my shared folders was possible. And in addition, the sssd System Security Services Daemon reported an error. And since there are no users anymore, nextcloud reports obviously 0 users and no access possible.

Current State:

I’ve disabled sssd service and I can access at least the shared folders again. Nextcloud is still not working.

Everthing else, especially the WebServer and my Wordpress based WebSites e.g my Homepage ( are working although it’s set to Maintenance Mode.

Since Nethserver itself is used currently only by my self, I see no other possibility than to uninstall AD as an account provider and reinstall it afterwords.

Any suggestions or other ideas?


Hi René

I’ve had that error in the past, and always was able to “fix” it by:

Removing AD Account Provider
Restoring a config backup, which restores the application AD…

Good luck!

My 2 cents

Thanks Andy for the tip :slight_smile: , I’ll try it.

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OK, your tip worked…

but it does not restore the lost users/groups.

My big question now is actually, do I really need an account provider for my single user and closed environment AND what does, next to Nextcloud, requires one? It would be nice, if there are some dependency diagrams somewhere. Perhaps the are… but couldn’t find it.

E.g. I 'm using Shared Folders and they are working without any account provider. BTW, I’ve no idea how to create shared folders using Cockpit :unamused: where it can be is easy done using the old Server Manager.

If you want users to login to the apps like Nextcloud you need an account provider.

Yes, but without AD you can’t set permissions for the shared folders.

It’s on the applications page in the file server settings - shared folders:

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Thanks a lot for your answer. Since I was busy and not really using my Nethserver, this late answer, sorry. Have a nice Day :sunglasses:

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