No sucess with update 7.6 to 7.7 PBX is hanging

NethServer Version: 7.7 (before 7.6)
Module: FreePbx


my Neth is running in a XCP-NG 7.6 VM (free version of cytrix xenserver). Its a small one with DNS/DHCP, AD, Cups, Sogo (and local mail), FTP and FreePBX

On 7.6 is up to date same with 7.7.

FreePBX 14.0.1 without update is 7.6 running with a dailtone. FreePBX Dashbord says 32 Modules are onleine to update. UCP Dämon is not running. The upgrade is running (download and installing) after Updating framework ther was a Proxy error. So I had to open up the FreePBX Canfig side again… Now i can apply the config. so I had a dailtone PBX is running.

With 7.7. PBXY was hanging (no Dailtone) so is not complet down. Than i have the VOICe of the PBX-Provider. The update looks like the 7.6. Version with the proxy error. But than FreePBX told me PBX Proxy is not running … After the update same problem no dailtone…

I am talking about the free signal from external. when i call my PBX with my molbile / Cell Phone.

So be carefull with Update from 7.6 to 7.7 be shure that you can move back…

Thx Axel

PS now i am haapy thats running again. I cant do test before 31.10.2019 that a free day in this part of Germany :slight_smile:

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Has somebody else this problem?

THX so i will try it again today…
But FreePBX is haning often on the half way …
Somtimes Calls cant get ou but in and Sometimes Call coming in but no Outcalls …

The DSL Line hat fix IP but german Telkom is reconnecting every 24h …

THX Axel

To be fully updateted also with the asterisk modules, I was told to do this:

yum --enablerepo=* clean all && yum update -y && scl enable rh-php56 – fwconsole ma updateall

Maybe you have to reboot the vm…

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good Idea will try it in the next days …

Now with my office account.

So i try it again. But now id don’t do

yum --enablerepo=* clean all && yum update -y && scl enable rh-php56 – fwconsole ma updateall

Same problem with the update again. When I upgrade from 7.6 to 7.7 freePBX is hanging no dailtone, if i call the freePBX from external.

I Axel,
try to open the asterisk console with

asterisk -rvvvvv

then try to make a call and check what is asterisk output on console.

yes i will try that but next weekend. When i try nobody can use the phone…
thx Stefano