No remote acess 2 admin Freepbx

I am fiting with the acess to Neth-Freepbx. Cant open Web-Admin including server via ipsec from PC.

Result: 403 Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /freepbx on this server.

I can access

A PC in the same network 192.168.99.xx had access.

What is to do ?

thx Axel

PS: it is a fresh 7.6 installatin running as a VM in XCP-NG
but is same with 7.5.

no Fail2bin on the Nethserver

By default only the local network is allowed to access freepbx. You may add your VPN network in the server manager:


It’s possible via command line too:

config setprop httpd-fpbx ValidFrom
signal-event nethserver-freepbx-httpd-save

Hello Markus

thx 4 your support. I am serching on the FreePBx Admin side but its on the Neth Admin side.

Thx 4 help

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