No name for Group-ID available

I have a desktop computer joined to the NS7 AD with sssd.
The group ID of “domain_users” is mapped correctly. But other AD groups like “private” are not resolved. I get the message "no name for group-ID xxxx available. Why is that?

Please tell us when you get the message.
What is happening? Couldn’t you login?

I can login, but right after that I get
"groups: Es ist kein Name zur Gruppen-ID 1331801109 zu finden".
Three of this message for three different group-IDs.
If I call “id user x” I get "gid=1331800513(domain users@domain) plus the three other gid’s without names at the end.
A nfs storage limited to a specific user group shows up at the client with the gid of that group but not with the name.

@support_team Can somebody help?

Which client OS do you use?

Maybe @fausp or @Kyle_Hayes could help here…

Ubuntu LTS.

Don’t know where your problems come from, but perhaps you can compare your config with this howto:

I did everything as described in your HOWTO.
Does “getent passwd” and “getent group” work correctly in your configuraton? Here I get only local users and groups.
But “id user” works.

It is not my howto, I only found it at our community. We have to ask @Kyle_Hayes.

Sorry, I am 150km away from the computers in question. Unfortunately I was just there recently to fix some recent Ubuntu kernel problems. I probably will not have direct access to the server for a couple of weeks.

@Kyle_Hayes Thanks for your answer anyway.

@mrmarkuz Did you realize it with ubuntu? I remember that you told about problems with ubuntu at the nethserver community meeting last year in Italy.

No, I had no success.

@support_team Somebody can help here