No logon servers available


I have successfully joined the domain in Windows 10, but when try to login, this encounter the error “No logon servers available to service the logon request…”.

Can someone help me? This is urgent!


Errors like this are usually related to DNS issues. Sometimes it’s a WINS problem.
While my knowledge is limited, I think you could follow some windows troubleshooting guides.


After much research and work, I can connect my user to Nethserver.

I put in smb.conf (/etc/samba/smb.conf) the line: max protocol = NT1

There is not native in nethserver. I guess it could be added in future updates.



@davidep can you note it? It will be useful I guess :smile:

Thanks @marceloeng for your tip! Please, note ns7 is still alpha!

Samba configuration will be completely reworked on ns7-beta. NT-domain style will be superseded by AD-domain style. Perhaps the setting you’ve pointed out is good also for ns6?

Hi @davidep,

Great news!!! AD domain will be fantastic.

Unfortunately, I can’t testing in NS6. I have only 1 server.