No Gateway XenServer 6.5 install

I have a Xenserver 6.5 setup with a couple copies of windows and a few linux versions. I have installed NETHServer multiple times but always the same problem. I can ping my IP but not my gateway or anything beyond.
Here is my eth0

My /etc/sysconfig/network

All my VM’s are on the 192.168.204.x network and all work wuith the exception of the NETHServer VM. Any help would be appreciated

From the screenshot I see two problems:

  1. headdr instead of hwaddr

  2. gateway is missing

  3. is really strange, I cannot imagine how you got that

  4. could come from a network configuration error

How did you install NethServer? From CD or from a CentOS image?
I never saw xen, maybe you have options to configure the network, it’s a matter of choosing the correct setup.
Anyone’s experience on xen?

In the meanwhile, you can try to fix with these commands:

db networks setprop eth0 hwaddr de:8c:76:5e:d2:c6
db networks setprop eth0 gateway
signal-event interface-update

Not really a xenserver expert here, but i’ve just installed nethserver 6.6 on xenserver 6.5 (hotfix 008) without any problem in HWM. I can login and update nethserver or add software without problem. With or without xentools.
How did you install nethserver in PV or HVM mode?

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Never tried on XEN before :smiley: