No email from QNAP NAS

Hi everyone
I need to receive notification email from Qnap NAS Customer.
But on my Server Mail Log i receive this error:

I think is related for tls problem, but on nas side with this command seems tls 1.2 is supported:

But on nas if try to send test email i get error.

in the meantime i need to receive this email so i add the public ip of the customer in Relay Host on the server mail, but doesn’t work, if i check the connection with telnet the port 25 seems to be closed:

But if i do this command on the terminal port 25 seems to be open:

Why telnet doesnt’ connect?

Why use 25? use 587…
Also: which QTS firmware is this device using?

@pike i want to use 587 or 465 but as you can see on 1st post the problem is that client and server has no shared cipher.

I’d use 587 without StartTLS. Is not good, but with a EOL software this the best advice that i can give you. QTS 4.2 is rather old.