No disk specified for new device

Setup procedure drives me crazy! Guys, you have a section here called Partitioning Recommendations - it contains exactly 0 Partitioning Recommendations. Is it OK with you? OK, I found some on the web, I want to partition the disk. I select the disk (ATA VBOX HARDDISK, sda, 32GiB free, with a bold checkmark across it), choose Standard Partition, add the 1st partition - and the damn thing says: “Failed to add new device: no disks specified for new device”. What am I doing wrong?

OK, I’ve got it: bold checkmark is considered not enough (why??), I had to select that disk! This is very redundant!

Glad you’ve found the problem. I can’t say much more than this is upstream anaconda (centos installer) behaviour. Unfortunately we can’t do much about it unless someone can do a PR on Anaconda in the CentOS repo… (with very small possibility that it will be granted)

Yeah, Anaconda is a nightmare compared to the great installer we have in
Linux Mint!