No Certifiacate after creating a VPN User

NethServer Version: NethServer release 6.9 (Final)
Module: OpenVPN


Since today no certificate is created when creating a vpn user.

What can be the cause of this?
How can I create users with certificates?


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Hi @supernicky,
I have the same problem on 7.3.1611, the expiration date is not showing for the new users I am creating it shows only for the first 2 users I created and then it is all blank, but, I noticed that in the *ovpn file the certificate is there.
I tested the connection from a client and it works, so the issue seems to be only on the accounts page not showing the expiration date.
Any clue???

Hi Joe,

I do not see a user certificate. Here is the OpenVPN File for Download…

…Authentication: certificate
< cert>
< /cert>
< key>

Whats wrong with Nethserver? :worried:


Hmm, not sure why my users have it and yours don’t, sorry for asking, but you do have selected the certificate option in the openvpn configuration and your server certificate is configured, right ? Once again sorry for asking such a question.

Hi Joe,

the certificate is the same as before.

How can I reset the OpenVPN Settings to “Default”? (like a new Installation inclusive of Certificate etc…).


other than uninstalling it and reinstalling it from the Software Center I have no idea, maybe someone from the DeV team can help you.