No Autodiscover

I think I have everything installed correctly but autodiscover isn’t working. I have the cname and SSL cert and I can hit and the Apache page loads but there is nothing there.

System version
NethServer release 6.8 (Final)
Kernel release
nethserver-sogo 1.5.6 1.ns6

Are trying to reach the servernanager? Then please add the port 980.

No I’m looking for auto autodiscover.xml.

What is autodiscover.xml?

Are you talking about this feature: ?

I know dovecot already has some similar feature, but for sure NS doesn’t implement the autodiscovery.xml.

Is this a standard? Can you point us to some documentation? After knowing the whole thing we can help you to implement such a feature :wink:


Hi @giacomo,

I think you are right and is about this feature.
I don’t know this feature is or should be “a standard”, but certainly make easier to setup an email account.
I don’t know if should or not to be implemented on NS. Maybe, if will be implemented, will be a plus.
It is like you want to setup an Exchange email account: you enter only email account and password.
I think also Thunderbird check for this feature when you create a new email account.

Happy FOSDEM 2017 days!
For you and for all who are there!


RFC 6186 (unsure of its adoption)



Active-Sync / Z-push


Assorted links


Smartphones use it too. It makes giving out an e-mail account really easy because you don’t have to provide the user any info other than address and password.

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this post seems to indicate that NethServer has an autodiscover feature and all that is required is the CNAME. It’s not working for me though…

Hi Arin;

I don’t really understand if you ask for help or just comment

but of course the DNS must be correctly configured
which means A and MX and probably your ReverseDNS if you plan to have a good score and