No access ssh on nethserver 7.5 final

NethServer Version: 7.5.1804 (final) all update
Module: email, Let’s Encrypt , webmail, nextclud

Hello to all,
I can not access ssh from the internal GREEN network.
I modified the door, but nothing.
I immediately receive the error before entering the user: Server unexpectedly closed network connection.

help me.

are you accessing the ssh via a computer inside the green network or are you trying to access it via a computer say connected to your wireless router if this is the case and you router sits out side the green network the you have to open the port on your router

if you trying to access this machine from a machine inside the green network via a terminal, have you passed the port flag ie:

ssh -p 2222 yourusername@greenlanip

remember to pass the correct port to the one you have set for ssh like instead of 2222 mybe 3333 what ever you set

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ok, thanks via terminal it is ok, whit putty ko.

does this mean it is ok now or it is not working in putty

if you have connected to this machine previously via putty then reinstalled nethserver the host key changes and needs to be deleted from the registry check the link below