Nmbd Reports Multiple Addresses Every 5 Minutes

NethServer Version: 7 Final
Module: Samba

Sorry about these being screen shots, but I can’t cut/paste across VMs.

I noticed the following error/warning being repeated every 5 mnnutes in the log:

Could this be down to having a listener on 2 different ports:

Wait. What’s the .255 address. Isn’t that a broadcast address based on my subnet mask of

BTW. The Samba AD was set up to listen on .253, and NS itself is .254.


address is the address used by the broadcast network.
Samba uses ports 137, 138 and 139
UDP port 137 (name services)
UDP port 138 (datagram services)
TCP port 139 (session services)

Sorry, I meant to say 2 different IPs, not ports. Well, actually it’s three. :fearful:

But after checking my current 6.8 system, this has the same triple listeners so I guess it’s something else causing the messages.