Nice tool for file transfer

perhaps an alternative for quick transfers between systems:

Wouldn’t most users opt for rsync? At least Linux users will…

sure, but transfer of files and text messages is very easy and quick.

No server address, no logins, no parameters… And you can operate your own tracker.

If you want to take it a step further, do go aheead. This topic can be changed to a feature request. Next step would be to create an install howto. As soon the install howto is 100% reproducable, the howto can get a spot in the wiki.
Finally, a module can be created.

Just to be complete: besides the already mentioned rsync option, are there any alternatives? Supporting the same or other protocols? What OS’s are supported?

Hi Robb, thats quite simple for CentOS/NS (I tested it): curl | bash

are there any alternatives

I don’t know such comfortable to use alternatives

In developing croc I took a lot of inspiration from other CLI tools like toss and magic-wormhole which had some but not all of the qualities above.

What OS’s are supported

MacOS, Windows, Unix, Alpine Linux, Linux ARM, Arch Linux, Gentoo, Termux, FreeBSD, Android with FDOID-App




not so good: :unamused:

but fixed: