Nginx suggestion

Using Nginx as the web-server on NS8 is very interesting,

It looks more performant than Apache (?) but feels less customizable and fancy ,
neither a critic or a flattery,

I wonder if we can have some day, or a facilitation to load modules or have “other” modules available,

For example: the autoindex in nginx is very very sober …

A mod like fancyindex would be more than welcome I think.

I agree about stability and security issues, but fancyindex seems used by a lot of admins, so perso. I have not trust issues toward it .


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nginx can be customized, see GitHub - NethServer/ns8-webserver: A webserver (nginx based) with php-fpm stack but in this case it seems we’d need to add it to the dockerfile to build nginx with the module because for example the fancyindex module is not available in the default nginx image.

I know,

Lets pray that Stéphane will have spare time … some time :slight_smile:

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not opposite to add module when they are official, but this module must be installed from the GH of the dev, sot not a big fan here

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